Pocket Knife with Bottle Opener

Pocket knives have been in use for thousands of years. This amazing tool is even older than pyramids and has definitely played some role in constructing those giants. With the evolution of basic human needs, this tool has also evolved. There are thousands of variations of pocket knives available in the market today. Some of these are used for ornamental purposes, whereas the others make an important part of every prepper’s survival kit. This article will let you know various reasons you should carry a Pocket Knife with you.

Uses of the Best Pocket Knife

Some of the various uses of pocket knives are listed below. Before going to their uses, we want to tell you about Knife Import. It is one of the best wholesale distributors of cool knives and swords, where you can get cool pocket knives at cheap wholesale rates. The wholesale knives and KnifeImport.com also offer wholesale martial arts and self-defense weapons at meager prices. Business people can get further discounts on buying any of our products in bulk. It means that we are offering real money-making opportunities to our customers. Now, we come back to the main topic and discuss different uses of the Best Pocket Knife.

1. Opening a Package:

Opening a package is one of the basic uses of this tool. It holds a lot of importance for those who regularly order from online stores and have tons of packages to open received from snail mail, UPS, FedEx, and many more. Some boxes come stapled. Using your hands to remove these giant staples can cause injury. That’s where cool pocket knives come into play. You can easily remove these stubborn staples using a pocket knife.

2. Slicing Fruits and Vegetables:

This is the most common use of a knife. Slicing fruits and vegetables are what knives are basically designed for. They make one of the most important parts of any kitchen, but what to do when traveling, or you need to slice an apple at the campsite? That’s where you need a pocket knife. You should always pack the best folding knife with you when you are going for a picnic. It helps a lot when you decide to cook in the campfire.

3. Can and Bottle Opening:

While going camping or hiking, it gets tough to carry a lot of tools with you. Therefore, keeping only cool pocket knives with you can serve various purposes. You can enjoy a beer or canned food item with your friends at the top of the mountain. A pocket knife can help you in an opening. Also, it can serve you as a bottle opener.

4. Cutting Electricity Wires:

Electricians often carry cool pocket knives to cut and strip electrical wires before hooking them into the back outlets. This tool is one of the major accessories electricians carry with them.

5. Bait Cutting and Gutting the Fish:

Fishers carry pocket knives with them to cut fishing bait. If the net gets tangled, it’s almost impossible to detangle it. Therefore fishers use knives to cut it off. It is also used for gutting the fish when it is trapped and caught. It’s important to clean and gut the fish before grilling it. Moreover, you can use this tool to fillet fish of smaller sizes. We offer various pocket knives for sale at cheap wholesale prices. You can search for wholesale knives online at KnifeImport.com to get your desired folding or fixed blade knives at your doorstep.

6. To Tackle an Emergency:

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. We should always be prepared to deal with them. You should always carry a first aid kit with you on the go. A folding knife is one of the most important parts of the first aid kit. You must be wondering how. For example, if you have had a car accident and are still conscious, you can pull out your pocket knife to cut out the seat belt and escape. Having it with you on the go can save lives.

7. Pipe Reaming:

If you are a pipe smoker, you will need one of the best pocket knives to regularly clean the bowl. It helps you to precisely clean the bowl of the pipe, making it good to be reused.

8. Cleaning the Terminals of a Car Battery:

If your car has broken down on your way to work, you can follow this simple tip. Just pull out a knife and clean the corrosion from your car battery's terminals and try to start it again. This is what mechanics do when they check your car for any problem. Keeping a folding knife within your car's dashboard can save you both time and money that you spend on paying the mechanic for his service.

9. Hunting:

Usually, fixed blade knives are used in hunting, but pocket knives are quite important along with the fixed blades. If you love hunting, you must know the importance of the best pocket knife for hunters. You need to cut the animal you have hunted and store it into ice quickly. Before you cut the animal, you need to skin it. Thus, a folding knife helps you.

10. To Rescue People:

Sometimes rescue teams need tourniquets to save the wounded mountain climbers. To cut them, they use cheap knives. Sometimes they need to help a mountaineer clinging to rock. They need a rope for that reason. They use a pocket knife to cut the rope into the appropriate size. Similarly, for free car accident victims, they use it to cut the seat belt off.

11. Opening Wine Cork:

Imagine spending the perfect Sunday in the park with your girlfriend only to realize that you have left the corkscrew home. Your perfect date would be ruined if you wouldn’t be able to open the bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite you purchased with so much love to enjoy with your beloved one. That’s where your pocket knife will save the day. Who needs a corkscrew when you can easily remove the cork from the bottle with the help of a knife?

12. Cutting Tapes:

Moving to a new place but don’t want to leave your favorite wall posters behind? Don’t try to pull them off the wall. You might end up tearing them apart. Use a pocket knife instead to remove the tapes. If you plan to revamp your room, you will have to remove your old pictures and drawings tapped to the wall. However, you are afraid while doing so; you will end up chipping your wall paint. No worries! Having the best pocket knife will save you here as well. You can easily remove the tape from the ends without chipping your wallpaper or the paint.

13. Self Defense:

Life is uncertain. You might have to defend yourself at any moment in life. It’s illegal to carry a gun in almost all the countries in the world unless you hold a license. In a lot of countries, it’s illegal even to carry a mace with you. So, what to do when danger strikes? Don’t fret. A pocket knife is one of the best self defense weapons, always keep it with you for your self-defense. You can defend yourself by leaving minor cuts on the arms and legs of your creepy stalker or can even intimidate him by showing him a weapon.

There are many other uses of cool pocket knives, but we have listed the most popular ones. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found the reasons to carry the best pocket knife with you all the time. Knife Import has all types of knives that you could have to use in your daily life. So, what are you waiting for? Order your cool knives right now.

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