Survival Knife

So, you are an adventurer and often travel here and there to satisfy your natural cravings for the wilderness. There are so many tools and equipment you need to have in your survival toolbox because when you need to perform several tasks during a wild venture. One of the best tools is a survival knife that you should never forget to have it. It can usually perform multiple tasks such as cutting, chopping, slicing or even protect you in an emergency situation. Well, in this article, we are going to discuss the best uses of survival knives. Continue reading and get yourself informed about how to use this useful tool during a wild tour.

10 Effective Uses of Survival Knife

Below are ten different ways for which these knives are perfect to choose. By knowing about them, you can surely enjoy a safe and hassle-free wild trip.

1. Hunting

Survival knife is an essential tool for hunters. With this, you are able to hunt animals and obtain food in a survival situation. Because, it can be used in many ways which are as follows:

  • It can be used to manufacture weapons such as arrows or spears to hunt animals or food, and even you can create fish hooks to catch fish with.
  • You can use it to make traps or snares to capture your food on a wild trip.
  • More, you need a knife to skin or clean your catch to prepare it for eating.
  • If your hunting skills are not so good, you can simply use it for gathering edible plants.

Hence, for hunting purposes, it is recommended to look for fixed blade knives for sale. Only a fixed blade brings more durability and reliability as compared to a folding knife in the wilderness.

2. Cutting or Slicing

A survival knife also serves as an everyday carry (edc) knife because it helps you perform routine tasks with ease. For instance, you can use it for cutting or slicing fruit and vegetables. More, having this handy tool also makes you able to cut wood, rope, or even slice off leaves and branches to clear the path while traveling for a wild adventure. So, it might be your best companion in the wilderness. However, you need to be sure that you have a high-quality blade so that you can easily cut whatever you need.

3. Utility Tool

Survival knives are so popular because of their versatility which makes them useful in numerous ways. You can also use them as a utility tool, such as bottle opener, screwdriver, tool for opening packages or even seat belt. Therefore, you don’t need to have different utility tools in your survival kits. Just opt for the best survival knife and it will make you capable to do all chores during a wild trip.

4. Hammering

As we have already stated that the best survival knives for sale can be used as an alternative for several tools like a hammer that you can’t take with you while going for a wild adventure. Yes, the handle or pommel of fixed blade knives can be worked as a strong hammer in many ways. For example, with this tool, you can place a tent to the ground for camping. Or you can smash a glass window in case of an emergency.

5. Build a Fire

If you are going for a wild adventure, you should know how to make a fire so that you need to be able to cook food or even for keeping yourself secured from cold weather. With a survival knife, you can easily cut branches for firewood, collect kindling, or make shavings. It is better to use a carbon steel blade to make a tinder ready for building a fire.

6. Splitting Wood/Batoning

If you mostly use folding knives in the wilderness, you may get yourself involved in some trouble where you can’t use them as an alternative for an axe or hatchet. Because they may break while performing a tough task of splitting wood or batoning. So, you should prefer large-sized fixed blade survival knives with full tang because they will make wood splitting or batoning easier for you, as well as they will not break under the stress. Conversely, avoid using a double-edged blade in such situation.

7. Self Defense

As you know that a knife also works as a weapon, thus, survival knife can provide ultimate safety when you are on a wild venture. You can use it against predators such as wild animals or even assailants in order to keep yourself protected. Furthermore, in other survival cases, you can use it as a weapon to produce food by hunting a small game or even you can kill a fish. In a nutshell, it is a handy tool that lets you defend yourself against any threats. So, never miss out on it!

8. Construct a Shelter

Building a shelter is also important in the wilderness because it can protect you from unwanted guests or even any critical environment as well. Having the best survival knife with you can help make the shelter building process much easier as it can easily help you cut wood, rope, branches or any other materials that you need to construct a place to live. Apart from this, if you are going for a camping venture, you can also use this survival tool for placing a camping tent.

9. First Aid Tool

Whether you are camping or simply facing a survival situation in the wilderness, there are chances to get yourself injured. Therefore, if you have a survival knife, it can recuse you by working as a first-aid tool. Because of its versatility, you can use it in several emergency situations for rescuing yourself. For instance, you can make bandages to cure your wound. As well, you can cut clothing materials for preparing a tent for your survival in case of any harsh environment.

10. Signaling

As we have told you that you can use this knife to make a fire that you can use as a rescue signal in critical conditions. With building a fire, you can bring light in the darkness and grab people’s attention so that they may come to rescue you. Apart from this, these cool knives are so shiny, therefore, you can simply use them a rescue signal in case of an emergency in the wilderness. In that way, people can get an alert about your presence and come to your location to help you.

Final Words

Though it is true that a survival knife can be accustomed in the above-mentioned ways, bear in mind that using this tool is not so easy. It requires proper knowledge and practice as well. So, for any use, you can watch videos on YouTube and get some know-how about performing the task conveniently. Nevertheless, if you are looking for high-quality blades at cheap prices, browse wholesale knives at Knife Import. This recommended option will truly help you to find cheap knives in bulk to satisfy your individual or business needs.

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