Samurai Sword

No doubt, katana samurai sword is one of the most recognizable deadly weapons. For centuries, these swords have been an iconic symbol of Japan in spite of their more recent popularity from movies and other sorts of entertainment. They were originally made by a group of warriors (Samurai) who had the responsibility of protecting Japan. Because of this, these blades have become a significant part of Japanese culture. Nevertheless, these days, so many people love to own them in order to decorate their homes or workplaces. As well, some people admire by collecting them as a hobby. This is not enough! There is a lot of other things about a samurai sword that you should know. So, continue reading the blog and let us tell you 10 amazing facts about this ancient blade.

10 Interesting Facts About Samurai Sword

Samurai swords are well known because of their great looks as they are well-crafted and strongly made. It is very difficult to believe that everyone does not have a desire to buy these historical yet beautiful blades for their home. Their enticing appearance gives a feeling of power and strength to them who are looking at them. But, they not only symbolize power, they also represent ownership, bravery, and a tradition of years.

Below are some of the unknown facts about these traditional Japanese swords. So, don’t miss out on them!

1. Modern Katana Sword is Not the Same as Old One

The first katana sword was straight-bladed and single-edged weapon that was imported from Korea and China. Later, it was replaced with the curved blade design at the end of 8th century when Samurai frequently started fighting on horseback. The curved blade sword was also called Tachi and the main reason for this replacement was Samurai found that a curved blade could be better suited for stabbing and slashing. Hence, the straight blade version continued to be used by another famous type of Japanese warriors, the Ninja.

2. Katana Was Not the Primary Weapon Used by Samurai

In pop culture and movies, we often see that a deep spiritual bonding is depicted between the samurai combatants and their swords. Well, might be it is true, considering sword was the most important tool of war. Nevertheless, when you look at the earliest history, samurai warriors used bows and arrows as their primary weapons as it was considered that they would fight on horseback. And then, of course, they also used katana swords in close combats.

3. There were Three Popular Sword Types Used in the Past

There were three main types of swords and you will be happy to know that they are still available. So, have a look at them!

Katana: The longest type of curved blade sword, more than 24 inches (60 cm) in length. A real katana was usually paired with a smaller sword (tanto and wakizashi) and commonly used for outdoor combats.

Wakizashi: It features a blade of between 12 and 24 inches. It was commonly worn in indoor establishments by the samurai class of feudal Japan.

Tanto: A small sword having a length between 15 and 30 cm. It was also worn by the samurai warriors for stabbing or piercing. Also, it was used in old-style martial arts such as Tantojutsu.

4. Sword-Making was Done as a Religious Ceremony

Yes, it is true that the craftsmanship of a sword is so complicated, it requires serious dedication. Even for professional swordsmiths, it is much more than just forging a blade. However, in history, it was considered a spiritual undertaking as the ancient sword manufacturers purified themselves before starting the forging process of real samurai swords. They took a bath under a waterfall in order to purify themselves from sexual activities, fasting, and even performing holy rites. This similar kind of purification rite was practiced during the entire process of sword making.

5. Soldiers Used Samurai Swords in World War II

During World War II, all Japanese soldiers were allowed to wear their real swords to use them in combats. The swords from this time are termed Showato. Hence, with the Meiji Reformation in the 19th century, it had been changed the way the Japanese showed their war weapons. At that time, the Ruler was a great advocate of firearms and then katana swords were gradually wiped out.

6. These Swords Were Prohibited After World War II

The katana samurai sword was banded in the time of 1945-1953, resulting in the ending of mass production. Hence, once they again became legal, only certified sword makers could fabricate them. Well, nowadays, Japanese sword-makers must get involved in comprehensive training before they are permitted to forge the blades. Moreover, there is a limited number of blades that they can manufacture yearly.

7. Human Flesh and Bones Were Used to Test the Sword Quality

As part of katana making process, a sword testing person tried to cut through the bodies of cadavers or condemned prisoners. They started testing by cutting through the small and large bones of body. The test results were frequently recorded on nakago (it is the metal piece attributing the sword blade to handle).

8. To Own a Samurai Sword is the Right of Japanese People

By getting the registration with the Japanese Sword Association, citizens of Japan have the right to own a katana sword, as it has historical or cultural importance. However, an individual must retain an authenticity certificate and ownership permit to own it legally.

9. The Quality of Point Defines the Sword’s Value

Kissaki is the name of the point of a samurai sword. It is the firmest part of sword that needs polishing and forging during the manufacturing process. So, to create a quality point, it is quite essential to get the help of a skillful artisan. Bear in mind that the value of a sword is mainly defined by the quality of point.

10. Modern Samurai Swords Requires Proper Storage

If you want to keep your katana sword in the best shape for a long period, you should consider proper storage for it. So, store it in its sheath and make sure the tip is down and blade is upward. It will help to guard against wear & tear and any type of damage to the blade. Hence, if you want to own it, search for cool swords online.

Final Words

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